About Phil Gallo & Acu-Fit

Growing up in California's, San Diego County, (Cardiff by-the-sea) and now living in Encinitas, CA. Phil started his health and fitness career as a competitive athlete, reaching collegiate status in football, semi-professional levels in soccer and has been recognized as an outstanding student athlete in both team and individual sports.

Finishing his undergraduate degree in Health Science in 1989 Phil continued his path to helping others achieve optimal health by becoming an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Approved Provider in 1994. He has appeared on such shows as “Real Talk San Diego ESPN 1700 Radio”, ‘The E! Channel, “Body By Jake” and Sirius/XM talk radio! Furthering his education Phil completed his Masters Degree and medical internship from Emperors’ College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and finished his medical residency at the UCLA Ashe Center in Los Angeles, CA. in 2002 and is certified by the AOA (Academy of Orthopedic Acupuncture).

As the Founding Principle of Acu-Fit.com, Phil practices a full scope of general Acupuncture, Orthopedics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Strength Training and Corrective Exercise. By using proven, non-surgical pain relief, Phil has a keen interest in getting his clients back to their optimum level of health and activity safely and effectively.

Furthermore, enduring sports related injuries is one of many things that gives Phil the edge in the Health, fitness programs and Acupuncture treatments. He continues to strive for excellence as a performance enthusiast assisting as many people as possible to reach their overall health, fitness and weight loss goals.

He presents himself as a unique practitioner, by combining his rare expertise in Western and Eastern Science, his respected communicative skills, down to earth demeanor and application of techniques. His collective enthusiasm and interests in integrating the strengths of conventional and alternative medicine is provided to maximize balance, flexibility, strength performance and overall well being.