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Phil Gallo | L.Ac. M.S. | NASM-CPT | PN-1 | FMS-1

My Commitment

It is of Phil's belief that our health is the most valuable asset and wellbeing is our ultimate achievement. That to "Move Better, Live Healthier" one must show up and play full out. 

Personal health and fitness goals should matter to you... To everyone. And character is built on trust between patient and practitioner, client and personal trainer. He dedicates himself to providing this kind of trusting and healing environment for each of his patient. To receive holistic, natural medicine tailored to each individuals needs.

  • State of California Acupuncture Board Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Maters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine | Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese Medicine | Santa Monica, CA. 2002
  • Supreme Science | L-1 Qigong Instructor | 2017
  • Functional Movement Systems FMS Level-1 Certified 
  • Precision Nutrition | Level-1 | Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach | 2017
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Approved Provider | Certified Personal Trainer | CPT | Corrective Exercise Specialist | CES | 1994
  • Residency | UCLA Ash Center Clinic | Spring 2001 - Spring 2002
  • Certified by the Academy of Orthopedic Acupuncture | 2006
  • Undergraduates | Health Science | 1989

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Phil, founding principle of Acu-Fit, came up with the integration in 1998 while attaining his Masters Degree from Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Santa Monica CA. A seasoned veteran as a  fitness coach and personal trainer, he immediately knew the direction adding acupuncture would take him. Suddenly, living your best life of complete health, fitness, body and mind took on a whole new meaning. The integration of TCM, the modalities therein with fitness and nutrition began to evolve. 

Proven to be an extremely effective, natural mind  body medicine.


  • Sports injuries, muscle, tendon, joint pain
  • Addressing men and women's health issues, Hormone balance,  assisting prenatal, pregnancy and the birthing process  
  • Treating insomnia, stress, anxiety
  • Addiction recovery
  •  Detoxification from free radical damage, environmental pollutants 
  •  Digestive disorders, weight loss