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Phil Gallo | L.Ac. M.S. | NASM-CPT | PN-1 | FMS-1

My Commitment

Phil believes that our health is our most valuable asset and wellbeing is our ultimate achievement. That in order to "Move Better, Live Healthier" personal health and fitness goals should matter to you... to everyone. And character is built on trust between patient and practitioner, client and personal trainer. He dedicates himself to providing this kind of trusting and healing environment for each of his patient. To receive holistic, natural medicine tailored to each individuals needs.

 Longtime athlete Phil Gallo actually started out as an animation illustration major before going into health science, fitness and acupuncture. He always payed close attention to detail, loved watching and drawing cartoons, but now his life’s work involves creation of a different sort: he helps grow and maintain peoples healthy lifestyles.

“As Founding Principal of Inc. (Acupuncture and Corrective Exercise Fitness), my chosen field allows me the freedom to be closely involved with men and women’s general health issues, youth athletic programs, their parents, families and friends, addressing pain from sport and non sports related injuries,” explained Phil. He works privately and semi-privately, volunteering his expertise as well. “I like to contribute my services to the community and athletic programs,” offered Phil, “so each person receives the personal attention they need to reach their full potential of body, mind wellness for a long time to come.”

After 50 years in Encinitas, Phil says North County will always be home. A San Dieguito grad, he has works as a certified personal trainer, function movement and mobility specialist for 30 years, followed by earning his master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002 when he founded his company, Acu-Fit Inc. His wife, Angie, is a big supporter along with their daughter, Keir (26), who is, herself a mother of 2 children, Malia and Henry Dean. 

Married almost 10 years now, Angie gives Phil marketing advice as she works towards her second career as a bookkeeper with “Bizzy Bee Bookkeeping.” They like to “rough it a little,” says Phil, traveling in their trailer camping and relaxing on the weekends. “A morning campfire sipping a cup of coffee and a warm apple fritter fresh from VG Donuts.” Life is good…

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While attaining his Masters Degree from Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Santa Monica CA. Phil, founded Acu-Fit in 1998, coming up with the integration  of Eastern, medicine and Western exercise fitness strategies to better improve muscle imbalances and movement efficiency. A seasoned veteran as a fitness coach and personal trainer, he immediately knew the direction adding acupuncture would take him. Suddenly, living your best life of complete health, fitness, body and mind took on a whole new meaning. The integration of TCM, the modalities therein with fitness and nutrition began to evolve. 

Extremely effective, natural mind  body medicine.


  • Sports injuries, muscle, tendon, joint pain
  • Addressing men and women's health issues, Hormone balance,  assisting prenatal, pregnancy and the birthing process  
  • Treating insomnia, stress, anxiety
  • Addiction recovery
  •  Detoxification from free radical damage, environmental pollutants 
  •  Digestive disorders, weight loss