North County, Encinitas Orthopedic Acupuncture, Health & Fitness

Proven to be the most comprehensive program available. 

Through the use of:

  • Posture Screen Analysis
  • Sports & Fitness Nutrition
  • Acupuncture; traditional, & modern methods
  • Corrective Exercise & Strength Training
  • Qigong 

Strategy Session

This assessment screenings helps determine areas of where your lifestyle is now and which could be improved.

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Complete Fitness

Are you needing to reclaim your Healthy, Attractive, Energetic Body once and for all? I have the tools to help you get started today!

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Nutrition is the foundation of all health and fitness. Exercise is the spark, and nutrition is fuel for your metabolism.

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By integrating a four series system, and use of an effective variety of natural healing methods including; Traditional Asian medicine (acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion), nutrition, corrective exercise fitness, and counseling on lifestyle issues that impact your health.

What will the application of Acu-Fit do for you?

Simply put... The systems we teach are tested and proven to improve;

  1. Your Health
  2. Fitness Strength / Mobility / Day-to-Day & Business Performance
  3. Body Composition

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Imagine how you'll feel when you:

  • Reduce ACHES & PAINS
  • Lose WEIGHT
  • Boost ENERGY
  • Move BETTER
  • Relieve STRESS
  • Improve SLEEP
  • Lasting RESULTS

We conveniently provide mobile services in Encinitas North County, San Diego:

  • With flexible scheduling to fit your busy life
  • We'll come to your home or workplace
  • Even corporate services are available
  • Outdoor fitness classes
  • One-on-One
  • Divide the cost with our partner and small group training options

Successful Tonics to Boost the Kidneys

The kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine are a vital energy system. They are the root of all yin and yang in the body, and they store our essence. They govern growth, reproduction and healthy progression through the different cycles of life. They play a role in healthy aging and preventing lots of age-related decline. They also control the bones, the

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Eating Right for Your Body Type

Five Elements

Traditional Chinese Medicine, a medical system that has been around for nearly 3,000 years, views the body differently than modern medicine. When the body is broken down to its core, its tiniest molecules can be classified as energy. This means every element of the universe resides within the human body, to some degree. And every organ has its

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Positive Side Effects of Acupuncture

During an initial session of acupuncture, most practitioners began with an extensive health intake that goes over all of the systems in the body. We use this to determine certain patterns of imbalance, allowing us to treat the root cause of issues. This is one way we differ from Western medicine.

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