Prenatal Acupuncture

“Miss Cameron made her debut this past Friday!  Thanks Phil for all the prenatal good vibes and care!  I did it all natural and it was quick!”

-Jessica P.

Training & Injury Recovery

Phil Gallo of Acu-Fit has been the trainer for my husband and myself for 4 1/2 years.  I first met Phil at a local gym.  After a few months Phil offered to come to our home to do our workout routines.  We have an elliptical, weights and TRX equipment which is all the equipment necessary for a well rounded

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It’s the best part of my week!

I never thought I’d be “that guy” with back pain, but at 42 here I am. After quietly enduring it for 10 years or so I finally decided to give Phil a whirl with a daily deal offer. Amazing results is all I can say. I know I’ve had a decade of twistedness to undo, and each session brings me

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Shin splints, Osgood Schlatters, ligament and tendon issues

Dr Gallo is an amazing acupuncturist and healer. He is extremely knowledgable and well versed in all areas of the body. We sought his sports acupuncture treatments for our daughter as she has been battling for four months with shin splints, Osgood Schlatters, ligament and tendon issues in the foot and now a stress fracture. Three treatments with Dr Gallo

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