Take The Path To Qigong Healing

Practiced by 200 million people…Qigong is the Mother of Acupuncture and Tai Chi.

Uses advanced breathing techniques, meditation, and movement to harness the Qi.

Qigong- A system of physical exercise, body postures and controlled breathing;

Qi – Breath (oxygen or air)

Gong – Discipline or practice

For Athletes & Active People– Qigong will balance out your days of intense workouts by strengthening the deeper muscles, helping to prevent injuries. It improves microcirculation, which in turn brings more oxygen into the organs aiding in speedy recovery.The focus is on proper alignment and positioning of the limbs so it is a safe way to exercise, re-aligning the body and clearing the body of stress.

For Elderly- Through breath & movements concentrated around your center of gravity, your sense of balance is improved, so it is great in prevention of falls, aiding in fluid movement muscle and bone loss are slowed.

Begin to Practice This Ancient Martial Art…

  • Empty Force Qigong: Your energy field becomes extremely palpable! Great for all major systems of the body.
  • Spiraling & Pressing Qi: Subtle movements are the key to harnessing the Qi-Energy.
  • Cloud Hands: Beautiful practice for strengthening Lungs and opening chest.
  • Earth Hands: Strengthens the hips, legs, and & reproductive center of the body.
  • Around the World: Rotating at the waist, large spheres of energy are formed.
  • Qigong Push Hands: Qi gently “pushes” the body and assists movements.

The Qi-Energy is so tangible in this Qigong system that experts of Yoga, Meditation and even practitioners of other styles of Qigong are AMAZED at how strong it is! 

Phil Gallo is a Certified Supreme Science Qigong Instructor
Classes cost only $20.
At every class you’ll receive priceless teachings
FIRST CLASS IS FREE. Limited to 12 students a class.


Class Location: TBD Encinitas, CA, 92024 / Contact Information: phil@acu-fit.com, (760) 587-3662

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