Acu-Fit Strategy

"If You Do Not Change Direction, You May End Up Where You Are Heading."
– Lao-tzu

What separates Acu-Fit from the pack in San Diego's North County Encinitas, is a highly trained instructor that utilizes a blend of Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, exercise fitness and nutrition. Modalities melded into one comprehensive and individualized program to meet the needs of each client without the limitation of just one health or exercise style. We Design programs as expert consultants with a philosophy that reflects the demands of the 21st Century client. Educating clients that the expertise comes from designing the programs not just session supervision.

"Move Better, Live Healthier" is our motto. Emphasizing acupuncture for pain relief, corrective exercise to prevent injury, nutrition to nourish, help speed recovery and repair, strength training to build the healthy, attractive, energetic body you want. With a development on the integration of sports Acupuncture, physical medicine, posture screen analysis, Traditional Chinese medicine, the modalities therein, and corrective exercise fitness, this unique combination of techniques will not only help you maintain the quality of your active lifestyle, but also improve your ability to withstand the demands of your everyday life." 

Before attending an appointment you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire covering lifestyle and nutrition.

We combine the results of the lifestyle questionnaire and health screening to create a personalized document which details the screening results and lists the recommendations made to provide forward progression.

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